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The Legacy of the Grand Tour: New Essays on Travel, Literature, and Culture

"The Legacy of the Grand Tour: New Essays on Travel, Literature, and Culture" is an impressively informed and informative work of originality and scholarship that would augment any academic library.

-- Midwest Book Review


British Novelists in Hollywood, 1935–1965: Travelers, Exiles, and Expats

"With wit and insight, Lisa Colletta's fascinating and disturbing study shows us how British writers in Hollywood reverse the traditional travelogue, teaching us through their fiction, essays, autobiographies, and letters that the 'old world' and its literature are worth returning to after all.'

-- Kristin Bluemel,
Professor of English, Monmouth University, USA and editor of Intermodernism: Literary Culture in Mid-Twentieth-Century Britain

Kathleen and Christopher: Christopher Isherwood’s Letters to His Mother

Contextualizing major cultural and political events of each decade alongside events in Isherwood’s life, Colletta captures this rising tide of uncertainty and urgency, effectively underscoring the relation between the historical and the personal.

--Jamie Carr, MODERNISM/modernity


“The Celebrity Effect: Isherwood, Hollywood, and the Performance of Self.” The American Isherwood. University of Minnesota Press.


“Postmodernity and the Gendered Uses of Political Satire.” Women and Comedy: History, Theory, Practice. Farleigh Dickenson University Press.

“The Liberal Arts and the Marketplace.” The Western Humanities Review.

“The Non-utility Degree: In Defense of the Liberal Arts.” Academe.

“Political Satire and Postmodern Irony: The Really Fake or the Really Real in Contemporary Mock  (or not) News Programming.” Critical Engagements: A Journal of Criticism and Theory.

“Intermodern Travel: J.B. Priestley’s English and American Journeys.” Intermodernism: Writing and Culture in Interwar and Wartime Britain. Kristin Bluemel, editor. Edinburgh University Press.

“The Spirit of (Simulated) Place: Travel, Art, and the Theme-Park Aesthetic.” The International Journal of Arts in Society.

“Political Satire and Postmodern Irony in the Age of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.” The Journal of Popular Culture.

“Modernism and Dark Humor.” Precursors and Aftermaths: Literature in English, 1914-45.

“The Dark Domestic Vision of Ivy Compton-Burnett.” And in Our Time: Vision and Revision in British Writing of the 1930s. Antony Shuttleworth, editor.  Bucknell University Press.

“The Geography of Ruins: John Fowles’s Daniel Martin and the Travel Literature of D.H. Lawrence.” The Landscapes of John Fowles. James Aubrey, editor. Farleigh Dickenson University Press.

Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal: Special Issue on Women and Travel. Guest editor.

One Vote for Letterman” 
Los Angeles Times. 11 March 2002.

The Italian Insider. 30 May 2016.

Driving Like an Italian.
The Toronto Globe and Mail. 13 April 2016.

America Loves a Good Fascist.
The Italian Insider. 15 February 2016.

Wild Colonial Girl: Essays on Edna O'Brien (Irish Studies in Literature and Culture)

"Readers of Edna O'Brien's lyrical fiction can discover or revisit in Wild Colonial Girl the favorites—Kate and Baba, the mother and the Virgin Mary, Sister Imelda, ancient and modern Ireland, Breege and the Irish Revolutionary soldier—all in a search for selfhood amid sexual conflict, ambient guilt, and social paradoxes. Irish author Edna O'Brien has long merited this breakthrough scholarly study."

-- Grace Eckley, editor of Newstead

Dark Humor and Social Satire in the Modern British Novel

"… finally fills a gap in literary criticism. It intriguingly combines a literary study of humor with modernism, and does not shy away from investigating authors such as Powell and Waugh, who have so far been largely avoided by modernist scholars."

--Christine Berberich, MODERNISM/modernity

"A work filled with breadth, depth, and savvy."

--Regina Barreca, University of Connecticut

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